Addigy is the preferred tool for MSPs around the world

Addigy is loaded with tools to help MSPs build their business and support their Mac clients, and that’s by design. Our regular updates and new features are closely attuned to the needs of the admin community.

Addigy has allowed me to do more with less. It’s provided me the ability to streamline the IT management of my Macs. I’ve been able to take on more clients without hiring extra staff, keeping both my bottom line and efficiency high. Zvon Petric — At Your Server

Flexible Policy Configurations

Addigy’s powerful tool lets you build your policy tree in a way that best suits your clients and business needs. Set your policies up once and Addigy will enforce them, keeping your end users out of trouble.

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Addigy’s no-contract billing model allows you to quickly add or remove devices as needed, and you’ll only get charged for the devices you manage. We succeed when you succeed.

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Your brand, recognized

Add your branding to Addigy’s Self Service app and allow your end-users to install their own applications, request support, and get notifications for maintenance. Addigy lets you handle any issues quickly, without the need to leave your desk.

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Proactive Care

System and application updates, including MS Office, can be launched remotely and in the background, so your clients never even see those annoying software update prompts.

Addigy’s system can give you instant notifications when your end users’ devices have updates available.

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