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Watchman Monitoring + Addigy Integration = Game Changer.

Watchman Monitoring + Addigy provide a game changing set of monitoring and remediation/management capabilities for Macs. Watchman Monitoring has solidified itself as the premier toolset for administrators to monitor a wide range of Mac issues. Once you know about these Mac issues there are obviously very few tools to manage the machines, other than remote control. With the NEW Watchman Monitoring + Addigy Integration, items monitored by Watchman Monitoring can be remediated by Addigy Automagically! Addigy then has Watchman immediately retest the items and close out the alarms.

November Release - Updated UI, Events Tab, and More.

Read more about Addigy's November release, updates include a more consistent UI, new "Events" tab, and more.

Protect Macs From High Sierra Password Exploit With Addigy

How many Mac owners do you know that have bothered to install an antivirus software on their machine? Probably very few, and that's because over the years Apple has created a reputation for itself as the most secure computer company. There's a common belief that a Mac is "unhackable" or that there are no successful viruses for Mac. Apple devices are widely considered impenetrable and secure compared to classic Windows computers and phones. And thus millions of Mac owners deem themselves safe without every running security scans on the programs they install, believing themselves to be completely safe. However, this isn't the case...

Top 3 Things About KRACK Vulnerability

Top 3 Things To Know About KRACK Vulnerability

Early October Release - Powerful VPP Integration, Addigy Remote Control, API's, and More.

We are excited to announce our early October release which is now available for all of our Addigy partners. New exciting features such as Apple VPP Integration and Addigy Remote Control and more have arrived.

Ransomware and Find My Mac

Find My Mac (FMM) is a tracking feature that you can use should the worst case scenario occur and you lose your Mac or, worse yet, it is stolen. One important element is that you must enable FMM before you are no longer in possession of your computer. If you do, you will be able to track it, lock it and send messages to it by using the interface via iCloud or the iOS app Find My iPhone. However, recently hackers have been exploiting vulnerabilities within FMM to remotely lock computers and threaten to encrypt files on machines unless users pay up in Bitcoin. Find out how to protect yourself and your machines against this vulnerability here.

September Release

Added top requested features which include increased granular software and web metering per policy, Macbook asset type, consistent custom software and profile UI changes, updated description fields to profiles, and chat bugs along with other issues were resolved.

Addigy Hurricane Irma Update

Addigy is headquartered in Miami, FL. We want to share our Disaster Recovery Plan in continuity of service and a checklist of preparedness that can benefit every digital business with Apple Macs

Apple WWDC Completely Changes How You Will Manage Macs With APFS, Are You Prepared?

If your job entails managing Apple macOS computers, the Apple WWDC dropped a bombshell of changes you will need to deal with come this Fall… and the train has left the station, so be ready! Yes, Apple is shipping a new macOS version with a name that could only had been derived after a very late night around a campfire…. High Sierra. Individuals can upgrade their existing systems to High Sierra keeping their existing HFS+ FileSystem or continue with the default upgrade to APFS FileSystem. The good news is that APFS is not new to Apple, as it has been part of iOS, watchOS, and tvOS for quite a while.

Addigy April Release – More Power At Your Mac Users Fingertips

The major feature in this release is the extremely customizable Self Service capabilities for your users.Any area of branding and messaging can be completely customized. Addigy is also the ONLY vendor to provide branding and self-service at any Policy level within Addigy.

Automated macOS Upgrade Remotely with Addigy

There are many reasons to upgrade your Mac portfolio… the most important being the leveraging of Apple Security Updates. Of the 215 CVE Vulnerabilities in macOS for 2016, nearly all Security Updates were only patched for macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) and macOS 10.12 (Sierra).

Addigy Listens To Our Customers = Top Feature Requests Released

Amongst the numerous enhancement and bug fixes shipped in our Friday Dec 16 release, you may have missed features released based on a high number of votes from our customers. Early on at Addigy, it was important that we provide a mechanism for our customer to vote on features, helping us to better prioritize the needs of our customers.

Addigy Fully Managing Malwarebytes Breach Remediation

Take advantage of Malwarebytes Breach Remediation in less than 5 minutes, and send an executive summary of your scans. All it takes is following two quick steps

Why Today’s Apple Mac Announcement IS A Big Deal?

Apple has not provided any real refresh of it’s flagship MacBook Pro since 2012! With over 4 years since such a major refresh, and positioning such a major refresh for Corporate budgets that typically require capital expenditure before the end of the calendar year, there is a tremendous amount of pent up market demand.

Tomorrow macOS Sierra goes Public, Are You Ready?

As of tomorrow macOS Sierra (10.12) will be publicly available for your users to upgrade to. Apple has a very high rate of user upgrades since making the upgrades FREE, and we have good reason to worry about the upcoming Sierra release. As we mentioned in Top 13 Reasons to block users from upgrading to macOS Sierra, Apple has dropped certain system calls that have been widely used for a very long time. Some software vendors have made sure to update their software to support Sierra, but Macs are typically a 2nd Class Citizens in business software support.

Why Block Users from Upgrading to macOS Sierra?

On Sept 20th, your macOS users will be able to upgrade to Sierra, are you able to block their upgrade?With more than a dozen major issues widely reported in Sierra throughout Beta, the most significant one found at Addigy was that our bulletproof 3.8MB agent began having runtime problems in Beta. The agent has since been tested fixed and already fully deployed in production.

Announcing ITGlue + Addigy MacOS Management Integration

We are proud to announce the integration of ITGLue™, the leading IT Documentation Platform with Addigy, the leading IT Management Platform specifically for Apple MacOS computers. As a cloud-based Mac management platform, Addigy simplifies and streamlines the IT management of your Macs. Like Windows PCs, Macs need to be managed, and require a comprehensive approach to security and management for MacOS.

Addigy on Linux, RasberryPI, and More… What’s Next?

Internet-of-Things and the evolving computing landscape means we will be managing a lot more than laptops and servers. The move to Internet-of-Things does not mean refrigerators, but simply an ecosystem of devices that need to work together. One of the untold secrets in the RMM industry, is that you can always tell the quality of an IT Management platform by looking at the agent service that runs on all the machines you manage.

NEW Mac Malware & Ransomware – The Simple & Only Way To Be Protected

Starting March 2016 the first Ransomeware specifically targeting Macs surfaced. This week a new Mac specific Malware surfaced. In the end, there is one simple way to guard against these vulnerabilities without any additional software.

Apple WWDC – What to expect on Monday?

Expect the largest Apple Mac line-up refresh in history! We’ve chewed our way through all the data, and this is what Addigy expects you’ll find coming out of WWDC on Monday…

The Mac OS Security Update 10.11.5 EVERY Business Needs!

The macOS Security Updates EVERY Business Needs!

Mac OS – Critical Issue in OSX Update 10.11.4 Permanently Locking MacBookPro 13″ Retina

We wanted to update you about a critical Mac OSX Update that is unfortunately causing widespread freezing of MacBookPro 13″ Retina laptops. Apple is aware of the issue, but even in the 10.11.5 update released late last night, they did not address this issue. Users that experience this freeze have to either reinstall the OS from scratch or restore from a valid TimeMachine backup. There are a few ways to help mitigate this issue...

March 1 Release – New Addigy Features… including Remote Control & More!

On Sunday February 28, Addigy deployed a major new set of features. So much of what we prioritize is in very large part from the collaboration of our amazing Customers. There are many minor bug fixes, performance, and UI optimizations to help significantly increase value.

Announcing Addigy FREE! No Strings & No Catches!

Today Addigy announces our NEW ‘Addigy Your Way‘, providing ways to start leveraging Addigy for your Mac Portfolio, no excuses. The most common thing we at Addigy find, because of a lack of tools for Apple Mac support, companies simply have no idea about the state of their Mac portfolio. The most important thing we can help do at Addigy is provide you complete view of all your Mac inventory along with monitoring of security and performance… which is why we are providing FREE Addigy Monitoring.

Most Software Vulnerabilities of 2015 = Apple macOS / OSX (by CVE)

Which software had the most publicly disclosed vulnerabilities this year? Apple’s Mac OS X. This might surprise many MacFans that think vulnerabilities and viruses don’t happen on Macs, but things have changed in a big way. These results come from CVE Details, which organizes data provided by the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). As its name implies, the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system keeps track of publicly known information-security vulnerabilities and exposures.

Addigy's 2016 New Year's Resolution - A healthier Office! DIY Walking Desk for ~$30!

Let’s face it, sitting behind a desk 12 hours a day can quite literally kill you. A walking desk is a nice idea but man.. are they expensive, cumbersome full size tables, and who knows if anyone will use it. It started with getting a treadmill (Proform 650) for $175 on Craigslist, which was literally brand new and never used (this happens with treadmills and musical instruments).

Addigy End of Year Release... Leaving 2015 With A BANG#!

Today we are announcing our End of Year Release! While most software companies go in hibernation in December, we kept pushing forward on some break-through areas of Addigy. Although there is a lot to cover, we will stick to 3 major areas of the release: Maintenance Audit Tracking, Predefined/Custom Commands, and Profile Management on Steroids.

Highest ROI Addigy Release – Policies Like Never Before!

Yes, your Macs need to be managed, period! As an MSP business owner or Corporate customer, whether you have one or one thousand Macs on your network, they need to be managed. Historically the impression was that Macs required very little management, they run themselves, maintenance is not required, and macs are immune to security issue, no need to worry right... As a business owner you have the responsibility to secure all devices on your network. By not doing this you're putting the business at risk. Managing Macs can be an expensive and challenging undertaking, we're tackling both of those issues head on.

Addigy Adds DuoSecurity 2FA for FREE

Addigy is now providing fully integrated Two Factor Authentication with Duo Security at no additional charge to Addigy customers. We provide this 2FA for all of your users, in order to encourage you to add an additional level of security... there's no excuse! Addigy is now providing fully integrated Two Factor Authentication with Duo Security at no additional charge to Addigy customers. We provide this 2FA for all of your users, in order to encourage you to add an additional level of security... there's no excuse! It's EXTREMELY simple, just go to the Support > Integration page and 'enable' Duo Security.

Christmas comes early for our Addigy customers, with the release of project Kepler

On Monday November 30, 2015, Addigy proudly rolled out our largest release in history. Although our customers love our interface and ease-of-use design, our engineering team had already been working on a next generation platform to deliver even more capability both today, while also ensuring that we are able to accelerate our innovation curve with even more technology in 2016.

Be An MSP Hero For Macs

Today you will find quite a few Mac only MSPs, and a large amount of PC based MSPs providing a very focused offering for Macs… yet too many PC based MSPs are dismissing the need to provide a Mac service offering that meets and even exceeds what they already do for PCs.