Why Today’s Apple Mac Announcement IS A Big Deal?

Published on 27 Oct 2016 by Addigy

Apple has not provided any real refresh of it’s flagship MacBook Pro since 2012! With over 4 years since such a major refresh, and positioning such a major refresh for Corporate budgets that typically require capital expenditure before the end of the calendar year, there is a tremendous amount of pent up market demand.

With such a major and overdue refresh, there will be a literal tidal wave of demand placed on corporate IT & managed service providers to support such major new assets especially with use-it-or-lose-it budgets. Apple always has well thought out strategies to these announcements, and it’s not coincidental that Apple has followed it’s IBM partnership in partnering with Deloitte, SAP, and Cisco this year to support the enterprise.

This announcement carries with it innovations that have been widely known for a while. Addigy reported nearly all these innovations in Apple’s product pipeline back in June 2016. There is however a myriad of contradicting rumors, and we’ll break-down the Expected vs Strategic + Speculation:


  • New OLED Function Keyboard Strip – Allowing software companies to build completely custom utilities to this mini-touch screen.
  • New & Thinner MacBook Screen – Not only for the MacBook Pro, but Addigy is the only one expecting Retina+ screens for the aging MacBook Air
  • USB C – MagSafe charger being dropped, so buy some
  • Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner – For Passbook/Wallet purchasing and doing away with 2FA with mobile
  • Larger Screens, Of course speed & battery life to boot…

Strategic + Speculation

  • Largest Rumor is dropping Intel CPU, as Apple has continued to build out an impressive in-house ARM based chip design team. We don’t think would or should drop the tried & true Intel line, but if Apple moves to it’s own line, we would see highly optimized Mac power and OS performance… and macOS recently started supporting ARM architecture, so it’s an eventuality
  • Rumors of dropping the MacBook Air 11″ which seemingly coincides with MacBook, but we don’t expect this either
  • Dropping headphone jack for lightning, which we again believe won’t be done
  • Bundled Airpods rumor also won’t happen when they have a brand new line of flashy new Aluminum machines
  • The refresh is significant enough of a change, but we see a tidal wave of business & enterprise services setup to provide a fleet of pent up demand for Macs in the market. To see how Addigy can help you manage so many new Mac assets, please subscribe to our upcoming Webinar:

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Kind Regards,
–Jason Dettbarn