Addigy & ConnectWise

We'll do all the heavy lifting. You hang back and focus on your clients.

Centralized Asset Information  

Keep your data consistent across different platforms for greater insight into your environment. Through the use of our integration, you can automatically add all of your ConnectWise asset information into Addigy and remediate issues efficiently.  

Zero-In On Specific Issues With Greater Visibility

Our integration links assets with tickets in ConnectWise, empowering you to pinpoint issues quickly. A screenshot of the machine is taken any time a user submits a ticket. Focus on resolving the issue, not looking for it. 

Automatically Alert, Remediate, and Resolve

We've coupled the power and scale of Addigy Policies with Connectwise to enable you to seamlessly automate remediation and management workflows. Any time an alarm is triggered within Addigy a ticket is created in ConnectWise. Addigy will immediately remediate that issue and close the ticket once resolved.

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