Watchman Monitoring
Integrating an organization’s mobile strategy with workspace management provides a built-in as opposed to a bolt-on approach which can be beneficial to improving security and IT administration. Addigy is using this strategy to unify iOS-based mobile device and MacOS system management, centralizing the oversight of all Apple devices on the network to streamline Apple device IT. Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
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The Basics
Asset Management
Device Monitoring & Alerting  
Dashboards and Reports
User and Client Management
Remote Command Execution  
Real-time Communication  
Profile Management & Deployment
Touchless DEP deployment
Hardware Inventory
Self Service Catalog
Apple VPP Support
Screen Sharing
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The Power Features
Live Device Shell
100% Cloud Architecture
Direct Command Line Access
Integrated Remote Control (Multiple Options)
Active Monitoring with Automated Remediation
Dynamic Peer-to-Peer LANCache Software Distribution
Live Script Execution at a Global, Departmental, or Individual Level
Scheduled or On-demand Maintenance Routines
Up-to-the-minute Software Usage and Inventory
Software & Web Service Metering

Up and running in minutes

Because of Addigy’s fully cloud-based architecture, there is no need for setting up and maintaining monolithic server instances or learning several different distributed applications.

With Addigy there are no yearly contracts or perpetual licenses which allows it to easily scale as your user base grows. Addigy users pay only for what they use every month, much like Amazon Web Services.

Encryption, Security & FileVault Keys

Addigy lets you easily assess the current security status of everyone in your organization, including their FileVault keys.

OS & Application Management

  • Control all installed OS versions
  • Deploy any latest updates from Apple
  • Review and manage installed applications
  • Remote install from our catalog or popular apps, or deploy your own

Policies that fit your organization

  • Configure policies across any segment, from one device to all of them
  • Granular control over many aspects of macOS and iOS devices
  • Ensure that all policies are always enforced

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