Automated macOS Upgrade Remotely with Addigy

Published on 9 Jan 2017 by Addigy

There are many reasons to upgrade your Mac portfolio… the most important being the leveraging of Apple Security Updates. Of the 215 CVE Vulnerabilities in macOS for 2016, nearly all Security Updates were only patched for macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) and macOS 10.12 (Sierra).

Addigy has provided a step-by-step processing for deploying and upgrading macOS silently and remotely, but also by leveraging it’s inherent LANCaching, to ensure only one download occurs over the WAN and all other machines will dynamically fetch peer-to-peer in the LAN.

Mac OS 10.7.5

  1. The first step is downloading macOS Sierra through the App Store, resulting in: /Applications/Install macOS
  2. The next step is packaging up macOS Sierra for distribution. Enter the treasured Mac Philanthropist Greg Neagle and createOSXInstallPkg. Simply specify the macOS Sierra source, and output the resulting pkg directory the /tmp folder: sudo ./createOSXinstallPkg --source /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --output /tmp/InstallSierra.pkg
  3. Addigy can’t host files this big for you, so simply choose your favorite file distribution method on the web, and for this example we’re using Amazon AWS S3. We use Addigy’s go-utils that essentialy curls down files either over the WAN or distributes P2P with it’s peers in the LAN: /Library/Addigy/go-utils cache-client download "" "/tmp/InstallSierra.pkg"
  4. We’re almost done, keep your pants on…. Now simply run the installation of this with: /usr/sbin/installer -pkg /tmp/InstallOSX_10.12.2_16C68.pkg -target / -lang en
  5. createOSXInstallPkg’s resulting package does not auto force a reboot, so add a step in Addigy to reboot. Although we don’t automate SetupAssistant, which you might be able to add in as an additional payload pkg for createOSXInstallPkg, macOS Sierra is installed waiting for the user to complete SetupAssistant.

You will find a Predefined Command within Devices in your Addigy account that allows you to automate deployment and upgrade, just point the web source for download (like Amazon AWS S3 path in our case).

Addigy Pre-Defined Mac-Os Sierra

You now have a fully upgraded machine from, in our case 10.7.5, to 10.12.2:

Mac OS 10.12.2