Apple WWDC Completely Changes How You Will Manage Macs With APFS, Are You Prepared?

Published on 10 Jun 2017 by Addigy

If your job entails managing Apple macOS computers, the Apple WWDC dropped a bombshell of changes you will need to deal with come this Fall… and the train has left the station, so be ready!

Yes, Apple is shipping a new macOS version with a name that could only had been derived after a very late night around a campfire…. High Sierra. Individuals can upgrade their existing systems to High Sierra keeping their existing HFS+ FileSystem or continue with the default upgrade to APFS FileSystem. The good news is that APFS is not new to Apple, as it has been part of iOS, watchOS, and tvOS for quite a while. However, there is a high risk of changing the underlying framework of your existing systems from HFS+ (a nearly 30 year old filesystem) to APFS overnight.

High Sierra Beta upgrade wizard.

As if the risks of upgrading and converting FileSystems alone weren’t enough, APFS now eliminates any ability to image your computers. The widely used processes of imaging new computers with tools like DeployStudio are not possible with APFS anymore. Even if you block the upgrades to High Sierra with Addigy, new Macs will begin shipping with High Sierra & APFS this Fall… make Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) a MUST.

There are many advantages to APFS, which will truly revolutionize how we manage macOS: Higher speeds on SSD drives, snapshotting and hence managing changes better, even new backup technologies on the horizon.

As the ecosystem grows to support this framework, or scrambles to do so… Addigy provides a way for you to block upgrades to High Sierra Beta (and High Sierra when it’s officially released).

Block High Sierra App

You also have an ability to remotely upgrade computers, as you gain confidence in the new filesystem & OS within Addigy. With one click, you can remotely install macOS High Sierra Beta, leveraging Addigy’s LANCache to ensure only one download over the internet and shared P2P in the LAN. You only need to choose if you want to upgrade to High Sierra keep HFS+ or converting to APFS:

Addigy running high sierra

We will continue to keep you informed as High Sierra & APFS come to full release. To setup a consultation session in how Addigy can help you manage the High Sierra or to give Addigy a spin, Sign Up today

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