The two primary components of Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager has two significant components that tie in directly with your remote management environment: Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Apps and Books. Among our many features, Addigy integrates Apple Business Manager to streamline your DEP and VPP processes.

Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

DEP makes your device enrollment a breeze. Once you purchase your devices from Apple, Apple Business Manager enables you to automatically enroll devices into MDM without having to physically touch or prep each device before users get to them. This way users receive fully provisioned devices before even reaching the login window. You can even simplify the user’s setup process by skipping specific steps within the Setup Assistant, so your users can get to a functional device state faster. Furthermore, you can provision those devices as supervised, allowing for a higher level of device management–this includes non-removable MDM.

Addigy’s Truly Touchless DEP process allows you to enroll a new Apple device in the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee.

Apps and Books

Apps and Books, formerly VPP, is now inside of the Apple Business Manager platform. From here you can purchase apps, books, and custom apps in bulk and quickly deploy them to the devices in your fleet. You are also able to transfer app licenses between locations and see a unified listing of purchase history, including the current number of licenses in use via MDM.

Upgrade to Apple Business Manager

You may already be familiar with managing your device enrollment through Apple's DEP portal and managing your content via Apple's separate VPP portal.

Apple has decided to bring these two platforms together to create Apple Business Manager. If you are still using one of the old portals, you can upgrade to Apple Business Manager.

View all your Addigy-managed devices within Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager resides at the heart of your remote management tasks. Simplification is key to managing your fleet of Apple devices remotely, and Addigy is here to do just that. Our macOS/iOS multiple device management platform provides you with a seamless experience with autonomous purchasing, deploying, provisioning, and managing all your Apple devices under a single pane of glass.

Try a FREE 14 day full trial, including all the support that comes with it, to see the power of Addigy together with Apple Business Manager.

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