The two primary components of Apple Business Manager, updated for macOS Catalina

With the advent of macOS Catalina 10.15, Apple Business Manager (ABM) two main component have been retitled and have had new features added to them. And along with these updates come the first steps you should take to set up Apple Business Manager ahead of updating to macOS Catalina.

Previously, Apple Business Manager had two significant components that tied in directly with your remote management environment: Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchasing Program (VPP). Among our many features, Addigy integrates Apple Business Manager to streamline these processes. As of the latest Apple OS update, DEP and VPP standalone platforms will be going away by year’s end. Replacing them will be Apps and Books and Automated Enrollment which available in Apple Business Manager

Automated Enrollment - Previously known as Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

This ABM process makes device enrollment a breeze. Once you purchase your devices from Apple, Apple Business Manager enables you to automatically enroll devices into MDM without having to physically touch or prep each device before users get to them. This way users receive fully provisioned devices before even reaching the login window. You can even simplify the user’s setup process by skipping specific steps within the Setup Assistant, so your users can get to a functional device state faster. Furthermore, any devices enrolled via Automated Enrollment are now supervised, allowing for a higher level of device management – this includes non-removable MDM.

With Addigy Identity, the process allows you to enroll a new Apple device in the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee.

Apps and Books - Formerly Volume Purchasing Program (VPP)

From Apps and Books, you can purchase the aforementioned apps and books in bulk and quickly deploy them to the devices in your fleet. You are also able to transfer app licenses between locations and see a unified listing of purchase history, including the current number of licenses in use via MDM.

Upgrade to Apple Business Manager

You may already be familiar with managing your device enrollment through Apple's DEP portal and managing your content via Apple's separate VPP portal. Now Automated Enrollment and Apps and Books have been brought together with Apple Business Manager. If you are still using one of the old portals, you can upgrade to Apple Business Manager.

View all your Addigy-managed devices within Apple Business Manager

Custom apps

With the introduction of macOS Catalina, Apple is introducing the ability to deploy custom apps via Apple Business Manager. This feature was only previously supported by Apple School Manager. With the rise of organizations having their own customized and organizational tailored applications, this introduces the ability for organizations to seamlessly and securely deploy those custom apps via the MDM protocol.

View all your Addigy-managed devices within Apple Business Manager

Federated Azure AD Login

Yet another great feature introduced with MacOS Catalina is the ability to use federated Azure AD authentication for logging into Apple Business Manager. Admins will no longer have to generate an individual user account for their team members that will be using Apple Business Manager, instead they will be able to link their Azure AD instance to Apple Business Manager and completely simplify the login and authentication process by allowing their teammates to continue to use the same authentication they use across other applications within their organization.

AppleSeed for IT and iPad Support

Apple is now providing full support for Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager on the iPad. Any login used to access Apple School Manager can now be used to log into AppleSeed which gives you access to the latest publicly available betas from Apple.

Taking the first steps to truly touchless deployment with Apple Business Manager

With Apple Business Manager set up, there is no user approval to run your MDM solution, it just works out of the box, ensuring Remote Control, antivirus and all critical tools working at first login.

Take these steps in order to ensure your Apple Business Manager is set up properly and ready for the MacOS Catalina update.

  1. Get your DUNS number, the key to submitting your application to Apple
  2. Configure MDM (iOS & macOS)
  3. Auto-Enroll New Machines

Some useful links during this process:

Apple Business Manager resides at the heart of your remote management tasks. Simplification is key to managing your fleet of Apple devices remotely, and Addigy is here to do just that. Our macOS/iOS multi-tenant, multiple device management platform provides you with a seamless experience with autonomous purchasing, deploying, provisioning, and managing all your Apple devices under a single pane of glass.

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