Announcing ITGlue + Addigy MacOS Management Integration

Published on 8 Sep 2016 by Addigy

We are proud to announce the integration of ITGLue™, the leading IT Documentation Platform with Addigy, the leading IT Management Platform specifically for Apple MacOS computers. As a cloud-based Mac management platform, Addigy simplifies and streamlines the IT management of your Macs. Like Windows PCs, Macs need to be managed, and require a comprehensive approach to security and management for MacOS.

IT Glue and Addigy RMM

With this new Addigy RMM integration, you can access useful asset information within IT Glue including: memory, disk, CPU, and more directly into IT Glue. This allows the information to be easily linked with other structured and procedural documentation within IT Glue. It can optionally be overlaid with the content of your Professional Service Automation (PSA) tool.

The integration provides a number of benefits:

  • Rich configuration data including: CPU, memory, disk usage, last reboot, etc.
  • Near real-time information that’s always accurate
  • Eliminates the need to enter configuration data manually — simply bulk create
  • Minimize downtime by reducing the time it takes to troubleshoot problems
  • Enhanced team performance by having even more data in one place

Addigy in Action 

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