Addigy April Release – More Power At Your Mac Users Fingertips

Published on 14 Apr 2017 by Addigy

The major feature in this release is the extremely customizable Self Service capabilities for your users.

Self Service Application

Any area of branding and messaging can be completely customized. Addigy is also the ONLY vendor to provide branding and self-service at any Policy level within Addigy. This means you can customize the messaging and branding for any particular users or departments in your portfolio:

Self Service Configuration

To add software to Self-Service, simply click on the Software title within the given policy and toggle it available for Self-Service:

 Add Software to Self Service

This Self-Service Configuration that you will be able to find in Addigy Policies provides your choice of branding at the Launchbar and/or Menu Bar, and provides complete customization of wording of anything your users will see. This includes how you message the pop-ups for Maintenance, FileVault Encryption, Chat, etc.

Beyond this major Self-Service feature, we’ve provided these enhancements in the release:

  1. Easier ability to move Devices from policy to policy.
  2. “Last Online” field shows last date/time when the computer came online.
  3. Added Upgrade/Downgrade option for software with versions.
  4. Changed connectWise account search mechanism to search by account name instead of account identifier.
  5. Mapping ConnectWise “OS Type” field to Addigy “System Version” field.
  6. Added filter in MS Office Updates to filter only updates necessary on machines.
  7. Toggle buttons labels now showing in Safari and Firefox.

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