Addigy Listens To Our Customers = Top Feature Requests Released

Published on 20 Dec 2016 by Addigy

Amongst the numerous enhancement and bug fixes shipped in our Friday Dec 16 release, you may have missed features released based on a high number of votes from our customers. Early on at Addigy, it was important that we provide a mechanism for our customer to vote on features, helping us to better prioritize the needs of our customers.

3 Top Feature Requests Emerged:

  1. Listing All Installed Applications, Versions, and Paths
  2. Capturing a chat session with a user, and emailing the entire conversation for ticket logs
  3. Emailing Admins of any new Apple macOS Updates that is available for approval

Addigy Installed Applications List

Price Increase for New Customers in 2017
With the speed and growth of the Addigy platform we are scheduling our first price increase effective Jan 1st 2017. This price increase only affects New Customers and is a natural progression in capturing the value our talented engineering team has created. As a private self-funded software company, Addigy’s customers are our investors, and we look forward to the momentum and growth of Addigy for 2017.

Keep Helping Us Build A Better Addigy
We are helping to lead in demonstrating how a vendor should be listening to it’s customers, and making it really easy for our customers to provide feedback without devoting lots of time to be heard. Please be sure to visit the Support | Issues section of Addigy to continue providing us feedback… we are listening!


Addigy Features Feedback