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Cloud Based Mac Management Platform

Your talented team loves using Macs, but IT lacks the tools to manage & secure these assets efficiently across your organization. With Addigy, your team can use the Apple products they love, and IT can ensure everything is secure, up-to-date and running smoothly. See what full-stack Mac management for the 21st Century can truly be!

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Simplified Mac IT Management

Addigy simplifies and streamlines the IT management of your Macs. Macs are not bulletproof anymore, and require a comprehensive approach to security & management for MacOS . Sign-up for a trial to deploy software, system configurations, and perform a full audit of your assets in MINUTES. No server setup. No need to create packages. And no need to pay for days of training.
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Asset Management – Encryption, Security & FileVault Keys

  • Do you know what’s going on under the hood of all the Mac assets you manage?
  • Are all the Mac drives encrypted and do you hold all the FileVault keys?
  • Aware of the Apple Warranty dates of all machines? Have you performed a thorough security assessment of your Macs?
  • Drilling down to the detailed inventory of CPU, memory, hard drive capacity and a lot more.
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OS & Application Management – OS versions, Updates & Apps

  • What OS versions are running in your environment?
  • Have you applied the latest Apple Updates and all machines are up-to-date?
  • What applications do you have installed? We make upgrade paths simple and truly trivial.
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Policy Management / Deployment – Take Control

  • Addigy will silently deploy from a catalog of nearly 100 applications, with one click.
  • Addigy will silently configure many different configuration settings you want on your Macs.
  • Addigy will ensure that all policies for configuration and software are always in force.

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