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The best web-based management for Apple devices

Our goal has always been to raise the standard for what our customers expect from computer management software. We’ve been there and we can make it better. Our customers demand the best and we work hard to make them happy.

15 minutes to set up.

On your next coffee break, see for yourself how easy it is to set up Addigy and start monitoring and managing devices. In 15 minutes, you can complete most tasks that would normally take hours or days to complete. Then you have 14 days to try all Addigy features for yourself.

Your Mac Team is too valuable to be running updates

Your creative team and engineers should not have to struggle with internal software. Addigy lets you easily improve their productivity right from any browser, with a few simple clicks.

Addigy works for you,
not the other way around

Addigy lets you complete your most common tasks quickly, so you never get mired in screens and configurations. We’re Apple IT people – we understand the value of ease-of-use.