Announcing Watchman Monitoring + Addigy Integration = Game Changer!

Watchman Monitoring + Addigy provide a game changing set of monitoring and remediation/management capabilities for Macs. Watchman Monitoring has solidified itself as the premier toolset for administrators to monitor a wide range of Mac issues. Once you know about these Mac issues there are obviously very few tools to manage the machines, other than remote control. With the NEW Watchman Monitoring + Addigy Integration, items monitored by Watchman Monitoring can be remediated by Addigy Automagically! Addigy then has Watchman immediately retest the items and close out the alarms.

Integration KB: Watchman Integration steps can be found here

Once the integration is activated, you will now have a Watchman Monitoring section in the Policy & Catalog. First start by adding a Watchman Configuration, which will provide auto-install and group assignment capability of Watchman:

Now we can start adding Watchman Monitoring objects & remediate the issues. A simple low disk space event can easily become an emergency item when the computer grinds to a hault, but doing the simple tasks (like purging the /tmp folder which gets erased on each reboot) can greatly reduce the reactive daily issues:

Make sure you try these two Mac innovative platforms together, you’ll agree it’s a GAME CHANGER!
Try Addigy!
Try Watchman Monitoring!

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