Why Block Users from Upgrading to macOS Sierra?

Delay Installing macOS Sierra

On Sept 20th, your macOS users will be able to upgrade to Sierra, are you able to block their upgrade?

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With more than a dozen major issues widely reported in Sierra throughout Beta, the most significant one found at Addigy was that our bulletproof 3.8MB agent began having runtime problems in Beta. The agent has since been tested fixed and already fully deployed in production. The 10.12 macOS Sierra build has changed certain core system calls, which required major changes to our the Addigy agent, and many other companies including Facebook and others have been reporting problems due to the significance of these system calls. Apple macOS users with admin rights have the power to upgrade their machine to Sierra, and 70% of them will eventually do so because it’s also FREE! Even when you decide to upgrade, we highly recommend orchestrating and monitoring TimeMachine backups with Addigy before pushing the upgrade out.

The question to ask is if the new Siri feature in macOS Sierra takes priority over ensuring you don’t have any whiplash of issues explained below… To guard against this, Addigy has provided a simple process to block macOS Sierra from being installed. Simply add the following Software item to a given policy of Machines:
Showing how Addigy can block upgrades to macOS 10.12 Sierra

Simply go to your Policy -> Software and apply Block Install macOS Sierra, and be sure to go to Deploy Policy to confirm/approve the policy change.
Showing how Addigy can block upgrades to macOS 10.12 Sierra

The list of widely reported problems during macOS Sierra Beta include (many have been solved, but the level of resolution is not quite clear):

  1. Addigy agent experiencing core System call (FIXED!)
  2. Install frozen/stuck
  3. macOS Sierra won’t start up after update
  4. Mac apps can’t be opened or damaged
  5. Slow macOS Sierra performance
  6. macOS Sierra upgrade issues: slow Wi-Fi
  7. Problems with macOS Sierra Playing Certain Video Formats
  8. Bluetooth Not Available
  9. Fast battery drain
  10. Mail problem with Mail app
  11. External hard drive/SD card not showing
  12. Freezing/crashing using Safari
  13. iTunes Not Responding

If you have any questions or would like to see a comprehensive demonstration that includes seeing this feature in action, please signup for a trial or email us at:



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